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Using Ansible set_fact to generate lists of objects

Using Ansible set_fact to generate lists of objects

In some cases you may want to create nearly identical objects from a list of values, or another dictionary.

This was a commonly needed ability at VMware on the NSX ALB (Avi) team as for many of our infra, and for our customers have a list of servers that we needed to build into a list of dictionaries as we require more than just a specific IP.

This is how to do it (these are tasks, not the entire playbook)

So lets review what we did.

We created the servers_list fact, we set the default value to be a blank list and then for each of the servers in pool_servers separated by , we loop adding the dict {'ip': {'addr': item, 'type': 'V4'}, 'enabled': 'true'} to the servers_list.

This can be applied to any kind of situation where you need to create a list of complicated objects.

The returned output would look like this.



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