Integrating Zabbix w/Slack for Channel Notifications

I’ve been using Slack and Zabbix now for a few years, and figured since there’s not too many guides out there on how to integrate the two easily. I know there are a few examples so far, but this is what’s worked best for me.

First I use this script, and put it in your alertscripts directory, ex.   /usr/lib/zabbix/alertscripts .

Notice there’s no field for credentials. That’s because over time I found it easier to deploy with a configuration file that was in yaml format.

Make sure you create an API token for slack by creating a Slack App, then using it’s Verification Token. Hopefully in the future I revisit this and make use of the Client ID, Client Secret, Signing Secret configuration.

So to provide that file we need to create the following in your zabbix configuration directory ex.  /ext/zabbix/slack.yml .

This makes it easier at least for me to deploy and separate configuration from the script itself.

Next steps include creating the Slack Media Type.

Navigate to Administration > Media types

Select “Create media type”, and fill out the following:


Don’t forget to save!

Your first value is going to be “Channel” the rest fill in the message details.

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Using Avi Ansible modules to Patch your Avi Controller

So I’ve been working for a company called Avi Networks for a while now. Working on customer deployments, internal devops automation, customer migrations, and tons of other projects including getting Avi to have the largest module library available out of any load balancer on the market. Well, today were going to show how to use Avi’s Ansible modules to patch your Avi Controller. It’s easy, here’s how.

This will also wait for the controller to come back up 🙂

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Been a while…

Sorry everyone, I’ve been gone for a while. I’ve been super busy at this company Avi Networks. I’ve been here for 2 years, and it’s been growing fast. However, I’m back in the DevOps/SRE realm of things, which will allow me to once again share some of my insights on the world of automation, containers, scripting, and other cool workarounds to get things working the way you want.

I’m probably going to make a few changes in the next few weeks to this blog to get it running again, and move the commenting system over to something that I won’t have to manage and prevent spam. I’ve manually had to approve a lot of comments, and that doesn’t scale, obviously. lol

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